DAFA: The Future

paving the    way...

When you get to experience all the great work and all the hope that has been created among the people of Zambia through DAFA's efforts, you are left with the key question: "What can we achieve in the next 20 years?" 

We plan to continue building on the expertise we have accrued in schools, hospitals and orphanages across Zambia, working with local experts and continuing to bring in external capital targeted towards specific key areas and projects. By combining these efforts, the key aim will always be to help the young people of Zambia experience a healthy and educated upbringing

to a brighter future...

Over the course of 2018, DAFA's volunteers will be creating a coherent 20-year strategy, which will outline our vision for the future and pinpoint how we can escalate the level of impact we can create. 

Inevitably, this will entail the implementation of increased infrastructure in order to achieve our vision of a sustainable future. We will also be looking to partner with international NGOs such as World Vision and Save the Children in order to help direct their resources towards the key areas of child welfare. 

for the children of zambia

We all take great inspiration from the work that DAFA’s volunteers have  engaged in since 1996. We look forward in the spirit of optimism and ambition towards the next 20 years, in which we hope to achieve our vision of a brighter future for all children across Zambia.